mike-cutout-color-toned-headshotThe Holistic Health Foundation (HHF) was created for the research and development of Holistic Healing formulas and wellness programs. The founding Director of HHF, Michael F. Torchia, Wellness Expert, initiated holistic health programs for “Operation Fitness”. These programs introduced revolutionary methods of fitness conditioning and healthy alternatives for healing. The success of these programs has helped people from around the World for over 30 years. The continued demand for holistic health has led to the establishment of the Holistic Healing Foundation.

A major focus of the HHF is the issue of toxic ingredients in food and beverages. There is a need for “back to basics” nutrition. The time has come in this country for a cultural shift toward health and wellness and away from the inherent dangers of food additives. Legislation has to be enacted in the United States which forces food manufacturers to add warning labels to all food and beverage products containing ingredients known to be toxic to the human body. Food manufacturers and distributors, as well as any group making claims about the healthfulness of a food product, would have to follow strict regulations regarding those claims. They would also be required to provide guidelines for healthy, age-appropriate consumption of their products. People are unknowingly consuming goods which directly and adversely affect their health. This legislation will make all Americans aware of the fact that long-term consumption of trans fats, artificial sweeteners and food dyes can lead to obesity and to the development of Metabolic Syndrome-X (MSX). This is a condition which weakens immune systems and makes people much more susceptible to type-2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other crippling lifestyle diseases. Producers, distributors, and marketers of foods that contain toxins leading to the development of MSX should be held accountable for the ingredients in their products. If we are successful, these manufacturers will be forced to reformulate their food products and provide healthier choices for consumers.  Read More…

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